Bony Legs

These are the puppets, props, and stage that I created for performing a show called Bony Legs.  A witch named Baba Yaga – nicknamed Bony Legs – is the main character.  Baba Yaga appears in many Slavic Folktales in different forms. She is a witch who has teeth of iron, rides around in a mortar and pestle, and lives deep in the woods in a hut on chicken feet.

I created the show while taking a graduate seminar with Dr. Rachel Williams focusing on arts-based research in the humanities.  The puppets are hand and hand and rod puppets with heads made from paper-mâché.  This lightweight material makes them easy to manipulate.  Kelly Nevlen wrote several songs for the show, and performs them during the show on the acoustic guitar.

The show runs about 20 minutes and is a sure crowd pleaser for the young and old!