Fairytale Series

Isn’t it amazing how we return to the same ideas and themes that interested us in our childhoods as adults?  This is a series of photographs I created as an undergraduate with a nod to Grimm’s fairytales.

As a child I grew up listening to my grandmother’s renditions of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales, including those on the “A” list–CinderellaLittle Red Riding HoodHansel and Gretel, Snow WhiteRumpelstiltskinRupunzel.  But these weren’t the Disney versions.  Oh no, in Grandma’s Cinderella, the ugly step sisters cut off their toes to fit them into the glass slipper and in Snow White, the evil stepmother had to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she fell down dead.  What wasn’t to love about the stories?  They didn’t shy away from violence, that’s for sure.  They also made magic seem possible (especially in hidden secret places, deep in the woods), and good triumphed over evil.

Recently, as I have again been exploring storytelling and folktales through my puppetry and with my own children and students, I have been thinking about this series of black and white darkroom photographs I created as an undergraduate.