Out of Bounds: Theatre Performance

In the spring of 2014 I collaborated with Working Group Theatre onĀ OUT OF BOUNDS, a two-part project about the effects of bullying, commissioned by Hancher Auditiorium. Part One is a full length play that focuses on the experiences of parents, teachers and principals trying to help a bullied child. Part Two is a 40-minute long companion piece that centers around the same story but features the teen’s point of view.

OUT OF BOUNDS tells the story of Amy, a 14 year old girl who is bullied because of a picture she posts, and the struggle she and her mother go through to end the bullying. The show features comic book illustration by Benjamin Mackey, shadow puppetry by Buffy Quintero and Jen Shook, and an original song by Katie Roche of the Awful Purdies sung by a choir created out of our community. OUT OF BOUNDS is written by Jennifer Fawcett and directed by Sean Christopher Lewis and features Tim Budd, Kristy Hartsgrove-Mooers, Emily Hinkler, Matthew James, Jennifer Fawcett and Barrington Vaxter, wtih lighting design by Courtney Schmitz.