Elementary Student Work

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I believe every child is an artist and has the ability to make works of art that are expressions of his/herself. The art instructor’s role is to guide the students on a journey of visual expression and self-discovery by providing them with the tools, techniques, and supportive environment to create in.

I taught elementary art at Willowwind School. The creativity and enthusiasm that the children approached their projects with was energizing and awe-inspiring! Each child brought his or her unique perspective to the artmaking process, and we worked a lot on developing each child’s own artistic voice.Through a variety of studio experiences, students built self-confidence, perceptual skills, technical skills, and critical thinking skills by making art, studying art, talking about art, and appreciating art. The elements of art (line, color, texture, form, space, shape, and value) were explored to understand these elements and how artists use them in their work.

The Willowwind Visual Arts Curriculum included studio experiences for students in K-6 with the following media:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Mixed Media
  • Sculpture
  • Bookmaking

The curriculum followed visual arts standards for elementary students established by the National Art Education Association and the Creative Thinking Skills as listed in the Iowa Core Curriculum which include:

  1. Creating, constructing, planning, inventing, and producing
  2. Evaluating, experimenting, judging, and critiquing
  3. Analyzing, comparing, organizing, and exploring
  4. Applying, implementing, using
  5. Understanding, explaining, interpreting
  6. Remembering, recognizing, describing, and recalling

In 2011-2012 he Willowwind artists’ theme for the year was exploring the natural world. We drew inspiration from the natural world and created works of art that reflected how we experience the world. Some of the essential questions that we sought to answer included:

  • How do I see and understand the world? How do I express myself through my art?
  • How have artists throughout history and from various cultures understood and represented the world?
  • What are the unique properties and expressive qualities of the following media: drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, fiber, mixed-media, and sculpture?
  • How do artists use the elements and principles of design in their work?

K-6 Ceramic Pieces


K-2 Self Portraits

K – Fall-Inspired Work


5-6 Trees: Inspired by Emily Carr


5-6 Dogwood Still Life


3-4 Owls

3-4 Collages

1-2 Relief Prints


1-2 Foil Bugs


1-2 Dragon Collages

1-2 Calaveras for Day of the Dead